GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is a less obtrusive way of monitoring someone’s movements, no one is far from their car these days..we drive everywhere!

With live “real time tracking” available via a website on your pc/laptop/tablet and a Free app for your smartphone, gps tracking is user friendly for everyone. and if you cant watch it as it happened you can download historical reports, allowing you to compare activity on various days or week v week, identifying routines/patterns as it builds up more data.

gps tracker 4 sale

GPS Trackers log their position at set intervals, reporting address and full postcode where possible – a well as providing longitude and latitude for each logged location, allowing you to see exactly where the vehicle was by putting those coordinates into google maps/earth.

We supply magnetic Trackers for Personal Use|Personal Vehicles & hard wired Fleet Trackers.

We have a variety of high quality GPS Trackers 4 Sale, and feel confident there is one that will suit your needs. We only have quality GPS Tracker 4 Sale, as used in the industry.

If your looking for a rugged, hard wearing, unit which can be tracked worldwide with impressive battery life, then any of these trackers will serve you well.

These are GPS Trackers made for professionals and used in the industry. we can also assist with advice on how /where to deploy device.

You get the benefit of the cheapness of owning your own Tracker, instead of paying weekly hire fees, allowing you to leave the tracker on the vehicle for longer, gaining more intelligence about the vehicles movements without having to worry about the budget restraints of hire.

See below for our range GPS Trackers 4 Sale…
listed in smallest to largest battery size.

Charging Mats available for previously sold GPS Tracker Models

Replacement chargers for other devices can also be supplied, subject to availability. Please ask for costing for your Tracker.

All our GPS Trackers can be tracked using our Tracking Control Panel at in live real time via a website both from a PC/laptop or tablet.

An app is also available for tracking from your smartphone.

Buy Back OFfer

buy back gps tracker

**We will buy back Tracker purchased from us – if less than 3 months old – call now to see if we’re buying and what you could get for yours!***

It is the final user’s responsibility to obey all the relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this service.

**Trackers need to be kept in credit to keep the sim live – if the sim dies the tracker will have to be sent back to supplier to have it unsealed/replaced/resealed at clients expense**