Trace a Missing Person

Trace a Missing Person

Want to Trace a Missing person, old friend, an elusive debtor, a witness you need to contact, someone mentioned in a will or just a family member you’ve lost contact with over the years? Why not use our “No Find/No Fee UK Tracing Services”

Our No Find / No Fee Trace Missing Person Investigation Service has a 91% success rate.

Our Trace a Missing Person Investigation Services is conducted by private investigators – who better to find the person you seek. We use the most up to date resources, contacts/sources available to us to locate/supply current residential address information of the person you seek.


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Trace Missing Person Investigation:

For difficult traces, where you need to conduct a Trace Missing Person Investigation – where information about the individual we want to trace is lacking, or for debtors who tend to rent/move frequently or who try to be invisible. These traces are in-depth and can involve a hands-on approach if necessary, possibly speaking with neighbours, siblings, colleges and employers in order to locate the person we seek.

All enquiries made during the course of our trace are done covertly, so as not to alert anyone to the real reason for our enquiries, nor who we work on behalf of. Confidentiality is assured to all clients.

The minimum information we ask clients to provide in order to carry out a No Find/No Fee trace is:-
1) The current name of the person you wish to locate
2) Their full date of birth
3) A previous UK residential address/postcode they lived at (less than 10 years old).

Our fee quoted is based on these 3 things being provided. If your unable to do so, the trace may be more suited to our *specialist team.

Sometimes the regulations in place to protect us can hinder us in tracing someone. The electoral roll is the standard method that most people would go to – but now anyone can elect for their information to be displayed in an edited version or not be displayed at all..making tracing an individual harder.

More and more people are now using Private Investigators to trace a missing person, as the old avenues are no longer open to them.

Debtors take advantage of the system by moving often, and by the time the some of the database searches available have updated, they’ve already moved! Nowadays more flexible methods are needed to trace that elusive someone!

Whether you opt for our Express (2 full working days) or Standard service (up to 14 full working days) – Our trace reports are guaranteed for a period of 21 days from when your advised “we have a successful trace – the report is now available for you”

We can have results back within 2 working days for clients wishing to use our Express Trace option. A report is provided at conclusion, having cross referenced information found to ensure it is current.

You’ll be surprised by how competitive our fees are – and don’t forget you only pay when we find the subject you seek, so you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Can’t say fairer than that !


For Clients unable to provide the above 3 things, all is not lost – we offer specialist traces where minimal information is available to start the investigation.

Each job is quoted for individually based purely on what information can be provided to assist us in starting the trace. No stone is left unturned (Specialist Traces are not carried out on a No Find/No Fee basis due to the amount of work that has to be carried out).

*We can Trace Missing Persons worldwide if required. Please contact us for a quote/timescale.*

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