Test Purchase

Test Purchase

Test Purchase/Mystery Shopper are used primarily for Continuous Improvement Programmes through test purchases.

  • Do you suspect Theft from your Till Operatives?
  • Want to asses the service Customers are being given by staff?
  • Concerned your Franchises are offering different levels of service you wish to be more consistent with the Brand?
  • Want to check your Policies and Procedures are being followed?
  • Concerned about what your competitors do differently?
  • Want to see exactly what your customers see?

Some business do test purchases to ensure licensing laws are being met, with regards to checking ID and others do it to ensure a consistent level of service is being offered to their customers. To follow on from that it can then be used as a training tool for staff.

We’ll provide you with the data highlighting what needs fixing, where to concentrate your efforts – with our reports following every visit. We can compare results to previous visits showing improving/declining trends.

Visits can be covertly filmed (not using the case that every staff member recognises as “the mystery shopper is in store”) and provided back to you.


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Our staff are trained to be flexible enough to fit into any environment, whether we need to be:-

A customer looking for advice on the different types of coffee served with a view to buying one
Or a motorist needing to purchase a new left arm support for an old Fiat
Disabled shoppers to assess facilities at premises

Its not just your services we can check on – we can check out your competitors service too and see how that differs. see if their poaching your ideas, or have the edge on you with a service they offer.

Test Purchase/Mystery Shopper
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