Lie Detector Test

lie detector test


A Polygraph or Lie Detector Test as their known by can be used to assess whether a person/subject  is lying or being truthful.

During a test the subject is asked pre-interview questions, before then being asked the previously agreed important questions ie the purpose of the lie detector test.. They are monitored for physical changes in heart rate, and breathing when they respond using sensors attached to their fingers/arms, which the polygraph records.


Lie Detector tests are about a persons actions not intentions…Lie Detector Tests are used by some Police forces to assist on their investigations, but not currently in the UK.


The company who we use to carry out our Lie Detector Tests state “accuracy of the test that we conduct has been statistically proven by the American Polygraph Association to be between 95% and 98% accurate”

We use  qualified experts in their field,  who are members of  British Polygraph Association / American Polygraph Association, thus ensuring the credential of the examiner are sound.




You can expect a Lie Detector Test to take 2-3hrs, the examiner has lots of questions to ask to get the best, and most accurate results. The examiner will come to your home having agreed/booked a suitable appointment, and carry out the test there for your convenience, and to keep costs down. (if you’d rather it be carried out in a different location i.e. a conference room within a hotel –  this can be arranged, but the cost of hiring the room will be added to our Fee.)

The examiner will provide a detailed report either later that day or the next day once the results have been fully analysed.


lie detector test

Lie detector tests are not  used in courts in England and Wales, as standard –  they can be used in some circumstances, depending on the type of court. Your solicitor could advise further on this.


What is a Polygraph?




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Lie Detector test


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