GPS Tracking

gps tracking

Need to Keep Your Possessions safe? Some items are a high Theft risk. GPS Trackers are ideal for:-






Agricultural Machinery – Tractors, Combine Harvester

Yacht / Boat







Know where your treasured possessions are at anytime..worldwide.

gps tracking

We offer:-

  •  Magnetic GPS Trackers : For Car, Motorbike, Yachts/Boats, Jetski’s, Caravan’s, Motorhomes, Agricultural Machinery or other Assets
  • Personal Trackers: For safety of Vulnerable People – Elderly or Children
  • Hard Wired Fleet Tracker


Standard Features for All Our Trackers:-

  • Log every location between 5 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Log Start & Stop Locations
  • Provide Full address & postcode (where possible)
  • Provide Longitude & Latitude coordinates for each logging
  • Show speed of travel for each logging
  • FREE Tracker Control Panel via UK web address.


Advanced Features:-

  • Movement Alert – Be alerted when asset moves (Alerts sent via sms or email)
  • Geofencing: Receive Alert when device goes in or out of a certain geographic area
  • Low Battery Alert (can be set to a % of your choice)
  • the GL300 can be used for a Personal Tracker and has a SOS button that can be pressed, sending alert to up to 5 recipients.


GPS Tackers come in all shapes and sizes, dependent on battery life, and shape required for ease of deployment.

We have a variety of high quality GPS Trackers 4 Hire or Sale, and feel confident there is one that will suit your needs. We only use high quality GPS Trackers tailored for use in this Industry.

If your looking for a rugged, hard wearing, unit which can be tracked worldwide with impressive battery life, then any of our trackers will serve you well.

GPS Tracking     GPS Tracking      GPS Tracking

GPS Trackers log their position at set intervals, reporting address and full postcode where possible – a well as providing longitude and latitude for each logged location, allowing you to see exactly where the asset/vehicle/person  was by putting those coordinates into Google Maps/Google Earth.


GPS TrackingGPS Tracking

With live “real time tracking” available via  web address provided, you can monitor activity on your Computer / Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone. We  have a Free app for your smartphone for the ultimate convenience when On The Go.


GPS Tracking is user friendly for everyone. You can choose to watch activity as it happens “live” or  download historical reports where it shows all logged activity for previous days/weeks.


if your monitoring a vehicle’s movements it allows you to compare  activity on various days or week v week, identifying routines/patterns as it builds up more data. GPS Tracking is a less intrusive way of monitoring the location of someone’s  movements. no one is far from their car these days..we drive everywhere!

Suspect a Cheating Partner? monitoring their movements can be a good first step as well as gathering some important intelligence about their daily movements – if your considering Surveillance it may highlight times/days of interest,  to utilise our Surveillance service and to take a closer look.


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