Drone Surveillance & Surveys

Drone Surveillance & Surveys

Recently there has been a significant increase in the use of Drones as their benefits become increasingly clear. These unmanned aerial vehicles are coming into their own.

Drones are  now commonly used for Bomb Detection, Archaeological Surveys, Car Commercials, Surveys of Properties/Land, Drone Deliveries, Emergency Response, and Surveillance in Rural Areas to name but a few…next time you see a car advertisement of the car driving across a rural road hanging on the edge of a Cliffside, give some thought to how it was obtained..where the photographer had to be to get the footage!


Drone Surveillance & Surveys | Key Benefits of Drone Imagery:-

Impressive aerial Video imagery

The ability to reach places a photographer could Not

Photographic Imagery from views/angles that would otherwise be nigh on impossible

  • be it remote rural surveillance where access cannot be gained on foot
  • or aerial footage from all aspects around a property, which is about to go up For Sale

Footage obtained in less time than with other methods 

Drones are quick to Take Off and get to where they need to be


Drone Surveillance & Surveys                 drone surveillance & surveys                       Drone Surveillance & Surveys



Drone Surveillance & Surveys |
Drone + Pilot Daily Hire:

We offer our Drone + pilot  with CAA  PfCO (Civil Aviation Authority: Permission for Commercial Operations)

drone surveillance & surveys

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