Catch a Cheating Partner


If you need the services of a Private Detective / Private Investigator to Catch Cheating Partner, then we can assist.

The 2 services standardly used are: Surveillance and GPS Tracking, to get the proof you require.


                                      catch a cheating partner                    catch a cheating partner                                                                              


As a female run business we ae sought out both by male clients and female clients who find it easier to discuss how to catch cheating partner and appreciate female PI’s get better results than male PI’s in certain scenario’s:-

Female PI’s:

  • are easy to discuss personal issues with
  • are driven and motivated
  • blend into situations when on surveillance
  • are underestimated
  • go unnoticed by targets/subject’s of enquiry
  • are trustworthy and professional

Not Sure About Your Partner? Having Doubts? Suspect you may have a Cheating Partner?

If your partner has given you reason to doubt them, we recommend confidential covert surveillance for Peace of Mind.

Through experience we find men are quicker to have their partner put under surveillance than women but women are usually right if they suspect!

Cheating partners can be talented and remorseless liars. You may even be dealing with a narcissist or a pathological liar.

A cheater is constantly trying to cover their tracks – using any available means.

catch a cheating partner

Marital surveillance on Cheating Partners

The Checklist for Cheaters

  • Keeping their mobile phone on them at all times (to stop you seeing texts etc)
  • leaving their mobile around all of a sudden may mean they have a 2nd one to conduct the affair on, which is very common.
  • Change in level of intimacy towards you or not interested in sex
  • Mobile phone bills and credit card bills now online and password protected
  • Leaving things locked in their car away from prying eyes
  • New friends all of a sudden they say they are spending time with
  • Longer hours away from home / at work
  • Unavailable on the phone when you call
  • Unaccounted time away
  • Checks what your plans are more often…so they know when they’ve time to see mistress
  • Sudden interest in their appearance: hair, clothes, weight
  • Seen in strange locations

If you suspect your partner, husband or wife of being unfaithful the most conclusive method of obtaining evidence is hiring someone impartial with experience in this area such as a Private Detective / Investigator to gather the intelligence you require, and produce it in a suitable format should it later be required in court.

We understand the delicacy of this nature of enquiry, and how hard it is to employ a private investigator to check on your loved one. You can rest assured that your partner will not be aware of us.

catch a cheating partner

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Want to Catch a Cheating Partner?

We advise clients:-

  • Don’t confront your partner – as they rarely admit it, unless confronted with definite conclusive evidence, they cant wriggle out of. The only thing it does is alert them that your onto them, and makes our job harder, as their now aware to the possibility you may employ our services.
  • Dont’ do too much Columbo work of your own – again if they find out they know your onto them. And if you need proof for a divorce, for the CSA anything you or your frinds have gathered will be considered impartial and thrown out.
  • Do act naturally – the easiest cheater to catch is one that is so wrapped up in what their doing, they dont consider you may hire a private detective to…Catch Cheating Partner.

For all clients we will create a surveillance plan, based primarily on information provided by you about the subject (we’re to follow), the vehicle(s) they drive, and their patterns, routines and what/when/with whom you suspect they may be cheating. With the plan we can decide a starting point for the surveillance and what kind of team will be required, to achieve the best results, and to get the photographic evidence you require.

We carry out foot surveillance for subjects that dont drive and walk everywhere, covert surveillance in vehicles for those that drive, and static observations where clients need us to monitor movements at the home address.

Surveillance if done correctly is a totally legal service – we operate wtihin the law, and the reports we provide on conclusion are provided in a user friendly format suitable for court if required.


Some Cheaters tell their partner :-

  • its all in your head, you’ve got a problem
  • your imagining things
  • if you dont trust me im not sure we have a future

There all techniques to “deflect” and make you feel like its you that has the problem.Dont let your Cheating Partner make you feel its your fault – Hire Us to get the Peace of Mind you seek.

It’s a win/win:-

  • if we catch him/her – thats a good thing, you can take back control of your life, and make decisions based on having all the facts. What you do with the report we provide is up to you, everyone’s situation is different and has different things to take into consideration, be ith children, shared businesses etc.
  • if we see nothing following a “reasonable period of surveillance” (this doesn’t mean one 5 hour period in someone’s life / nor does it mean 4 continous weeks of surveillance) thats a good thing too and again offers peace of mind. Why is it wrong to check on him/her if they’ve given you reason to doubt them?
  • what you do with the intelligence gathered is up to you – we’re not hear to judge or condemn. We’re here to get the proof only, providing a report on conclusion supported with photographic proof.

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