Voice Activated GSM Spy Bug



voice activated spy bug

Voice Activated GSM Spy Bug  Longlife 60 For Hire

Brand new stock of Voice Activated GSM Spy Bugs ( Audio Recording Devices) can be used for recording in lots of different situations being so small they can be discretely hidden to suit your requirements, in lots of different scenario’s. The huge benefit of  voice activation is that it conserves what is already an impressive battery life, so records for longer.

Unlike other more basic audio recorders that record onto the device, which means it has to be retrieved to be listened to – the voice activated audio recorder has a call back feature, whereby when the voice activated recording commences, it dials the telephone number stored and on answering the call you listen to the recording as it happens.

This means  the device can be placed in its ideal position and left for the duration of its battery life.

The standby and calling time is dependent on the quality of your signal.

voice activated spy bug

How the Voice Activated Spy Bug  Works

  • To activate the call back function you send it a SMS (from the number you wish it to call) with the message “1111”
  • To deactivate the call back function you send it a SMS (from the number it has been calling) with the message “0000”

Once call back has been activated,  its in Stand by mode. When it detects a voice it comes out of stand by and activates the Recording mode. When recording begins it phones  the telephone number stored and on answering the call you listen to the recording – what could be easier! If your not available to take the call there’s always voicemail.

If the number the device calls is a mobile – you could have an app on your mobile to record all calls, i.e. Call Recorder (for Android Mobiles) which then allows you to save/upload those recorded files to Google Drive, so you have a permanent copy stored.

We supply our  voice activated audio recorder with the most up-to-date “multi sim cards”, which is a sim with all UK providers on it so that coverage should never be a problem, however remote the device is located geographically.


Voice Activated Spy Bug Functions:

Battery Life in Stand By: 55 – 75 Days

Battery Life in Continuous Call: 23 –  25 hrs

Call Back Function: YES

Dimensions: 6cm Long x 3.2cm Wide x 2.5cm Deep

MP3 Audio File format

Extremely Clear Sound


Package contents:

  • GSM Spy Bug LONGLIFE 60
  • charging adaptor
  • charging cable


This device can be hired on a fortnightly / monthly basis and either sent out to you in the post or we can assist with deployment/retrieval. Please call to discuss your requirements/our fees.


Top Ups are required  – to cover the cost of calls the device makes to stored number when voice activated recording commences:  333 minutes of calls will be included in monthly hire fee.



  • We will also have the ability in the coming weeks to connect the device to a cloud based portal, listening online. So when the voice activated sound sensor is triggered the device will call our cloud recording system and clients  will be able to listen to the files remotely at a time to suit you, save them, email them onwards etc.



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