Use a Reputable PI with a Good Online Presence

Posted on May 27th, 2015 by Sarah Gallienne

There are all sorts out there operating as Private Investigators. The extremes being some are X Police with 20 years behind them of the Law and some who  start up and call themselves a Private Investigator,  with no regard for the Law.


This makes your job hard if you want a professional PI to do work for you, as with all offering their Services its a skilled art finding the right person.-


Some signs to look for when seeking a Professional/local Private Investigator:-

  • They have a landline number available, with an area code you recognise – someone operating from purely a mobile doesn’t instil the feeling that they are a stable business. Some businesses do it as a way of hiding where they are based as a mobile number is non geographic, yet they claim to be local to where you want the work doing.
  • I’d expect them to have a website nowadays as the smallest of smallest business in all walks of life do.
  • Their email address should have a business domain not or these are great for personal email but would you expect to see it for a business? any email can be received from smartphones nowadays so why not have a professional business name/domain?
  • Some businesses don’t even advertise the option to email – just call or text keeping it all very verbal with no written chain…does this make you think the written report following the job will be as comprehensive as you’d hoped?
  • The business will be listed online with or yellow pages and other directories
  • A professional will communicate in writing, providing written quotes & stating exactly what service they can offer and what it entails and at what cost.
  • The nature of the Private Investigators role is it can be very mobile but with a @yahoo email, and a mobile number only, no landline number, no address specified, no website, and Private Investigators claiming to be local – what recourse exactly do you think your going to have for a job poorly done?
  • Look on their website  for accreditations, qualifications – all businesses like to advertise these!

With the  licensing of Private Investigators in the pipeline some companies have already passed the IQ Level 3 Professional Investigators  course, as this is the anticipated qualification required, before your able to apply for the SAI licence. (Our Certificate is displayed on our Home page under Accreditations).

It shows they are prepared to get the qualification before its mandatory. Part of the application process for the SIA licence is that you don’t have a criminal record, so again those have already passed the IQ  level 3 Professional Investigators would not have bothered –  if they knew they would not be able to get a licence.


You’ve got to be a bit of a Detective nowadays to find a good one!



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