Top Tip: Use a Local PI

Posted on April 30th, 2015 by Sarah Gallienne

Look for a local PI who will take ownership / and carry out your investigation themselves, who’ll have the knowledge and experience of the geographical area they will be working in, this is particularly important for practical hands on work like surveillance.

The nature of the services we offer means that the jobs are sensitive and highly personal to some clients so being comfortable/trusting the PI they speak with is essential to clients using our services.

Having built up a good rapport with the PI you’ve been speaking to/corresponding with, it would naturally be your belief that they are going to do the job for you? This might not always be the case if you get a PI claiming to be local who “subs” out the work to another firm you know nothing about.

A local PI will advertise a landline number (with the local area code which you can google to check) NOT just a mobile number, claiming to be local (and then sub the job out elsewhere)

Look at each PI’s website Contact Us page for their address too (or it may be on the footer of each web page).

…And lets not forget a local PI will have less travel expenses and its likely their hourly rate will be in keeping with the area to remain competitive.

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