Tips for Catching Cheating Partner

Posted on January 19th, 2013 by Sarah Gallienne


I’ve a few tips which I hope will see assist those of you that need them in your quest to sort out that cheating partner.


Tips to check if you suspect your partner may be cheating

1. Has your partner taken a sudden interest in their appearance?

2. Do you suspect your partner may have a 2nd mobile phone their hiding?

3. Have they started locking their current mobile phone to block your access?

4. Any new hobbies they now do without you – which are surprising to you?

5. Has the mileage on their vehicle increased for no apparent reason?

6. Are they protective of their vehicle & things they may hide in it?

7. Does he/she smell newly showered when they come home?



Top Tips to monitor your partners activity on the sly

1. Monitor your partner’s mobile phone bill on line

2. Keep a close eye on the bank/credit cards and the transactions that appear

3. The odd call to your partners work to ensure their at work

4. We have invisible software available to monitor certain mobile phones activity: texts received/sent, facebook and twitter messages, records call details and websites visited, view photos/videos on the phone, view memos, contacts and email. GPS location of the mobile hourly.

5. If you suspect your partner of using your home PC to interact with another – we can provide hidden software to log activity: screen shots of every URL visited, view their web mail and social networking sites and more.


Top Tip For Peace of Mind

1. Hire a GPS tracker for a week or two and have it placed covertly on their vehicle –to monitor their/ vehicles movements. The average car driver doesn’t even walk to the corner shop or takeaway nowadays, so if you monitor the vehicles movements you monitor the person. In the course of 2 weeks monitoring you’ll see patterns develop you weren’t aware of and it’ll provide “addresses of interest “to concentrate on.


to buy a GPS tracker, click here


 Skylark GPS Tracker  Swift GPS Tracker

These are some of our trackers – the smallest one is fractionally longer than a box of matches.

we have different trackers with different battery life dependant on the duration of the hire period. All of our trackers have the same capabilities, just different battery life.

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