Terms and Conditions


This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ and the Client regarding any Service/s provided by ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’.

Initial instruction with ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ will always be requested in written format, be it email or letter for clarification purposes.

In no event will ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ be liable to the client or any 3rd party for damages.

‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ aims to work constructively and efficiently, thus providing all of its services within the shortest amount of time possible.

If a client requests times that ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ attend to perform a task, which then over run, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to extend the duration of task to suit client’s needs, due to other work commitments. Clearly should this arise and no additional cover is available within ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ we would have to leave initial task at allotted finishing time to honour commitment with other client.

Any Bank Holiday working will incur a 25% premium on the hourly/rate quoted. Work between the hours of 2300 – 0700 may also, at SGI discretion.

Telephone calls to any of the business phone numbers, be it landline or mobile may be recorded – these recordings may be called upon if required to resolve any disputes that may arise.



Client Consultations

The fee quoted for a consultation is based on the meet location being up to 25 miles from our office, and taking up to 2 hrs. (+ travel time.) The location would usually be a local café with adequate privacy, as this offers both parties adequate safety, or can be at client’s office if appropriate.



Surveillance/Static Observations

Surveillance/Static Obs can be carried out for any duration per day to suit the client’s requirements / subject to our availability. Fees can be advise upon request – we charge  an hourly rate per operative  + mileage/expenses. A minimum fee for surveillance per operative per day applies  + expenses: (any reasonable receipted expenses incurred through carrying out the job) Travel time may be chargeable if over 1 hour in each direction dependent on the duration of the job.

All pertinent video footage obtained will be supplied (with time/date stamp applied). Clients not wishing for the time/date stamp to be applied to any video footage MUST request this in written form prior to SGI commencing the job, to avoid it being applied.

We hold original unedited footage for a limited period;  If not asked to supply original footage before job is completed, and final report has been supplied, an admin fee will be charged to supply at a later date. It will then be supplied either on disk or USB flash pen and sent by standard post to clients UK address on file, unless requested otherwise.

If when conducting surveillance task for client we are required to stay overnight on location, we may, at our discretion impose a charge of £25 per operative per night.

It’s often more cost effective for clients to pay our B & B/ overnight expenses (evening meal)  rather than daily travel expenses  to/from the location of their task. We offer the option to clients for operative(s) to stay overnight (thus saving them travel expenses) when required to carry out a minimum of 8 hrs. surveillance per day.



Tracing Missing Persons

Our standard UK Tracing services are offered on a  No Find/No Fee basis i.e. on completion of a successful trace, whereby we locate the subject’s current residential address, payment of the agreed fee is required. On receipt of fee in cleared funds – the tracing report is supplied to client.

Traces for Non UK clients are offered on the same basis but we require payment upfront in cleared funds / which we “hold”. In the event that the trace is unsuccessful we return the funds via bank transfer. Any fees incurred by SGI to receive funds/return funds will be borne by the client.

Our trace results are guaranteed for 21 days from the date we advise a positive trace. During this period if you can show clear proof the subject did not live  at the address supplied/when supplied, we will recheck FREE of charge and if no further information is available, refund the fee paid. We urge clients who are tracking debtors to move swiftly with information provided as debtors are notorious for moving on quickly.

*We also now offer specialist traces for clients with minimal information about the subject they seek – please ask for a quote based on your enquiry. These traces because they are so much more detailed/time consuming are NOT No Find/No Fee*




Tracker Hire (this service will cease on 01/01/2018)

Fees are required upfront for this service in cleared funds, prior to deployment. The small deposit we charge clients is held purely for safe return of tracker, in same condition (It cannot be drawn against).

Trackers are set to log positions as standard every 10 minutes – if client requires more frequent loggings they can change the setting in the control panel – Please be aware in doing so – more frequent loggings of activity  will drain the battery of the unit faster and may subsequently result in us needing to retrieve the unit to replace battery during the hire period. If this is the case, an attendance to replace unit is chargeable as per deployment fee. (it is also dependent on us having an available unit to swop tracker with, as most trackers now are fully sealed units)  and will take 48 hrs. to recharge before redeployment of the same tracker can even be considered).

Prices quoted are based on:-

  • 1 tracker being deployed on one vehicle for the duration of the hire period paid for (if clients require the tracker transferred to another vehicle partway through the hire, this will incur a further retrieval and deployment charge)

20 sms is supplied for each weeks hire, clients requiring/using more than this will need to buy extra. 20 is ample for day to day use, but client who choose to set up alerts (movement/zone) may require more.

If access to our tracker panel is provided to client, it is on the basis that this information is kept confidential, it is for our client’s use only and not to be provided to others parties without our authorization.

Any abuse of our policies may result in clients being blocked from the tracker panel, and a weekly tracker activity report being provided in its place.


Tracker hire fees are non-refundable. Neither through early cancellation/ compromise at deployment or if deployment is not possible i.e. if vehicle is not at address provided by client, if vehicle is not accessible (because its in locked garage/compound). We require clear pedestrian access to the outside of the vehicle to deploy/retrieve.

If certain circumstances arise we may feel it necessary to check on the welfare of the tracker, ensuring it’s at the location it’s reporting/on the vehicle it was deployed on.(this is a complimentary service if we deem it necessary) If at any time during the duration of the hire, the tracker is found to be not on the vehicle we deployed it on, then it will be considered “lost” and hire cancelled/deposit forfeit, with immediate effect.

Trackers require a signal from their enclosed SIM card to operate. SGI do not accept any responsibility for the service the  network providers provide, or for  any network issues they may have, which adversely affect the signal they supply, and thus the operation of the Tracker. Any network issues are usually remedied quickly, and as the Trackers have the capability of storing thousands of logged positions before downloading the information – its not usually too bigger issue.

It is the client’s responsibility to obey all the relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this service. To track a vehicle without the driver’s knowledge is illegal in the UK. The only case when vehicle tracking is legal without the driver’s/owner’s awareness is when it is done to uphold the law.

Deployment of Tracker

The fee we charge clients for  Tracker Hire is broken down into :

  • A Weekly or Daily  Hire fee
  •  Fee to deploy  in the UK at one address per attempt
  • Fee to Retrieve at one address in the UK per attempt If  2 addresses are advised at instruction for deployment the advised fee is increased by 50%.

If the address for deployment or retrieval is more than 1 hours drive  from nearest agent/office then travel time will be charged at 50% of our standard hourly rate, and taken from  any outstanding balance if not paid for upfront.



Presuming the vehicle is at the location clients advised on instruction, and is accessible i.e. not in a locked compound/locked garage or outside of the UK, 1 attempt to deploy has always proven to be sufficient.

If more than 1 attempt should be necessary because of one of the above mentioned possible issues, further attempts to deploy are chargeable at the advised deployment fee, and subject to our availability to try again on following day(s).

Tracker Hire commences from the date we were instructed to deploy/made first attempt to deploy, not from the date we were able to deploy if the vehicle was  inaccessible, through no fault of our own.

Trackers are usually deployed/retrieved after dark. If clients can provide access during the day at a location the vehicle will be at, where we can deploy without being compromised/noticed by any 3rd parties, then we are happy to deploy during these instances also, subject to availability.

Retrieval of Tracker

At the end of hire period booked: Where tracker retrieval has not been possible on scheduled day: due to tracker being inaccessible / outside of the UK, the tracker will be charged on our Daily  rate, (as it is unavailable for re-hire) until tracker is accessible/retrieved. We will make a further attempt (which is chargeable) to retrieve tracker the following night, subject to availability – unless requested otherwise by client.

Any additional charges incurred (i.e. due to further deployment/retrieval attempts, change of battery, redeploying tracker partway through a hire onto a different vehicle, or daily hire charged due to retrieval not being possible) will need to be paid for before retrieval is attempted (the deposit for safe return must stay in place for just that reason).
If we find ourselves supplying the hire service whilst owed funds we reserve the right to suspend services with immediate effect, until we are put back in funds. i.e. access to control panel will be blocked, if given previously / daily tracker reports will be suspended.

Return of Refundable Deposit

The refundable deposit will be actioned via bank transfer after safe return of tracker in same working order, subject to SGI being in receipt of cleared funds. (We request your bank details on the tracker instruction document – purely to process your refund -if you don’t provide bank details we will not issue refund until you do so).
(Payment by Credit Card  takes between 7-14 days for funds to reach our bank account/be available to us, up until that point its held by Paya Card Services / Paypal.)

We will not refund tracker deposit funds we have not yet received.





You agree to pay all fees and charges advised (and applicable taxes) incurred which relate to the use of the Service/s, in accordance with the rates and Terms and Conditions established from time to time by ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’. Any outstanding balance due as a final balance for Service/s shall be payable within the period stated on final invoice.

Clients may not withhold payment of any invoice or other amount due to ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ for any reason.

‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ shall not be required to refund you, in whole or in part any amounts paid or prepaid for  Services requested/instructed, unless otherwise agreed.

Unless you notify ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ in writing of any discrepancies or unauthorised charges within thirty (30) days after they first appear on your credit card statement or bank statement, they will be deemed accepted by you for all purposes, including resolution of enquiries made by your card issuer, and you release ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ from all liabilities and claims of loss resulting from any error or discrepancy.

For Clients outside of the UK we only accept payment by BACS/wire transfer – and may request we “hold” funds for No Find/No Fee services to ensure payment.  With regards to funds held for clients abroad – any fees incurred by SGI either to receive funds/return funds will be born by the Client, and deducted from any balance due.




Default in Payment

In default of due payment of its invoice, ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ may in its absolute discretion and irrespective of any other rights maintain an action against the customer for the invoice sum upon which interest shall be payable at the rate of 2.5% per calendar month or part thereof from the date of the invoice until payment, together with a charge of £7.50 admin fee to cover each letter or email sent to chase debt.

The customer agrees to pay ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ for any legal costs which it may reasonably incur to recover its invoice sum.




Cancellation / Refund

In the event of a confirmed job (where SGI have been put in funds for said job) being cancelled by instructing client, we will deduct 5% or £250 of funds paid (whichever is the greater) to cover our administration time. Please therefore be sure before scheduling/confirming the use of our services.

Cancellation received: Before 48 hours of commencement of job
We impose no extra charges, other than admin time mentioned above.

Cancellation received Within 48  hours of commencement of job
NO refund is payable, as manpower has been allocated/ and to cover loss of revenue for the period allocated for your job – its highly unlikely we will be able to gain further work at such short notice for the day(s) we were due t carry out your job.


* Any £ to be refunded back to clients following cancellation will be actioned within 3 working days if paid by bacs*

* Clients who have chosen to pay using a Credit Card will wait longer for their refund as it take up to 14 days for us to receive cleared funds from 3rd party provider.


FYI: Clients paying by Credit Card through Payatrader: Payatrader cuts off on a Friday at  midnight, and we receive the funds for transactions up to that point  the following Thursday. Therefore it takes between 6 – 13 days to receive your money in our account dependent on what day you pay.

*We will  NOT action a refund under any circumstances until payment has cleared and been received.*

Payatrader  charge us a set 2.5% both to receive payment and to refund payments – Should a refund be agreed, We may choose to refund through bank transfer to avoid the fee for refunding your payment (and request bank details to do so). In the event we do refund through Payatrader, their 2.5% charge to do so will be deducted from balance before doing so.

*If no work has been carried out, and a full refund is required any credit card charges incurred, will be deducted from the balance returned* (SGI only absorb credit card fees if work goes ahead).


If due to adverse weather conditions we are unable to  reach our destination to carry out scheduled work safely, we give clients the opportunity of  rescheduling to another day within a month from date job was due to be carried out (subject to our availability). Weather conditions  are out of our control, and ensuring the safety of our operatives often asked to work along is paramount.

If travel charges have been charged to client and operative attempts to get to location – these will be chargeable for aborted day.  (travel time, mileage, tolls)



Limitation of liability

‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ liability (including negligence) arising directly/or in connection with these terms or the performance or observance of its obligations under these terms and every applicable part of it shall be limited in aggregate to the cost of the service/s.

In no event shall ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ be liable for any loss of profits, goodwill, loss of business, loss of data or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever.



Term and Termination

Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon in writing if the other is in breach of any obligation contained in this Agreement, which is not rectified within 7 days of written notice from the other Party so to do;

a voluntary arrangement is approved, a bankruptcy or an administration order is made or a receiver or administrative receiver is appointed over any of the other Party’s assets or an undertaking or a resolution or petition to wind up the other Party is passed or presented (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or any analogous procedure in the country of incorporation of either Party or if any circumstances arise which entitle the Court or a creditor to appoint a receiver, administrative receiver or administrator or to present a winding-up petition or make a winding-up order in respect of the other Party.

Any termination of this Agreement (howsoever occasioned) shall not affect any accrued rights or liabilities of either Party.



The Client agrees that the Client is solely responsible for complying with any laws, taxes, and tariffs applicable in any way to the Service/s contemplated herein. b. The Client will protect, and defend ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’, its subcontractors and agents from any claim, suit, penalty, tax, fine, or tariff or any failure to comply with any such laws, taxes and tariffs, whilst operating on behalf of the client.

Use of this web site, and choosing to use ‘Sarah Gallienne Investigations’ signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions listed above.



Destruction of Records

Please be advised for audit purposes only, your details and all associated case information will be retained for up to 12 months from close of folder, where relevant. At the end of this period the information will be destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).




By using our website and purchasing from Sarah Gallienne Investigations, you agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions, as stated below.

We would like to assure you that your confidentiality will be maintained in all dealings with our company and we would never disclose any information to a third party. Our business reputation relies on confidentiality.

The display of goods on Sarah Gallienne Investigations website  is not an offer to sell products or services at any price indicated, but merely an invitation to view what we have to sell. No contract for the supply of products or goods will be deemed to exist between you and Sarah Gallienne Investigations  until written confirmation from Sarah Gallienne Investigations has been received – confirming that your order has been accepted and payment has been successfully made. This confirmation e-mail amounts to an acceptance by Sarah Gallienne Investigations  of your offer to buy goods  from Sarah Gallienne Investigations.

Sarah Gallienne Investigations is free to withdraw from a prospective sale – this might apply where product is no longer available from supplier.

To view the  Tracker Control Panel on a PC,  the installation of Silverlight software  may be required. Sarah Gallienne Investigations  cannot assist with / will not be held responsible –  for any hardware issues you might have with your personal pc with regards to the installation of Silverlight. Having been prompted to/installed Silverlight we view Tracker Control Panels daily using  Firefox/Internet Explorer.

All Trackers  must be kept in Credit to keep the sim card live.  After 1-3 month of inactivity the sim card will be deactivated. It is also good practice to use/turn on  the tracker, allowing it to log onto the network every month at a minimum.

It may be possible to reactivate the sim | or change the sim to a live one – in order to change the sim we’d need to send the tracker to our supplier to do so. Please request costing for either option if required.


Credit cards are debited at the point of Sale by a secure 3rd party provided (Paypal or Paya Card Services), prior to items being dispatched from our supplier or before services are provided by Sarah Gallienne Investigations.


We currently supply goods to UK customers only. Goods will be dispatched to the address on the Credit Card, or to our head office (if deployment required by client).

Every effort will be made by Sarah Gallienne Investigations to dispatch goods ordered on the next working day by Courier, if ordered before midday. Order will be sent on “Next Working Day” Insured service.

When this is not possible for whatever reason Sarah Gallienne Investigations will post items as soon as absolutely possible and accept no liability for the delay in posting.  Should an item be out of stock we will contact you and advise accordingly: offering  a delivery timescale for your product, another product which is available now  or a full refund.


Orders may be cancelled by phone or email prior to dispatch by supplier. The cost of the purchase will be refunded to the payment credit/debit card. As payment will have been processed by the credit/debit card services the refund will be made to reflect a cancellation fee of 6% of the initial purchase price. This is to cover our merchant services costs levied for the purchase transaction and refund transaction –  as a result of the purchase.


In accordance with the EU “DSD”, you are entitled to cancel your order at anytime within 7 days of receiving your goods (whether that be to client or SGI office) if there is anything you are not happy about ie the size, weight, colour of the product (provided it is unused). The cancellation period ends on the expiry of seven working days (not including weekends or bank holidays) after the day on which delivery took place. This is, provided, we give you the customer the required written information about “DSD” no later than the time the goods are delivered, (which we have now done in this online document). If you wish to cancel an order under these terms, first contact us ASAP after receipt in writing, and then return your item in the same condition we sent it to you, in original packaging, having not been used – within 7 days of receiving your parcel.

Any actual use of a GPS tracker (I.e. switching it on /the logging of any activity) will show on the Tracker Control Panel History  and will negate the right to return under these regulations.

We recommend that returned goods are sent registered/fully insured,  the costs of this and postage are borne by you the customer, when returning under the DSD. Posting in this way will give you the ability to track the item on its journey back to us, and give you some redress with your chosen delivery supplier should the goods not reach us. Upon receipt of returned items and a full inspection to ensure the product has not been used, and is in “As New” condition – we will issue a refund.

Any requests for a return of unused product(s) for refund outside the regulated period or which don’t meet the above criteria – will be rejected, without exception. In this scenario goods will be returned to the address originally dispatched to ONLY once we have been put in funds for cost of return P & P.


Sarah Gallienne Investigations reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice. Any modification of these terms will be deemed to be effective from the date and time of posting on Sarah Gallienne Investigations website.


If you find that there is a problem with any item received, please notify us within 2 days in writing quoting order/invoice number. If no notification has been received we will presume goods were received in perfect working order, and accepted as such by you.

All items purchased from Sarah Gallienne Investigations are guaranteed for 12 months of use, and are covered by a repair or replacement warranty during this period – provided goods are not damaged, or have not been misused, modified or no repairs have been attempted by anyone other than the manufacturer –  as this WILL nullify the warranty.. Due to the nature of this equipment no refunds will be given.

Any returned item with serial/ID number defaced or removed, therefore cannot be positively identified as a product supplied by Sarah Gallienne Investigations  and as such will NOT be repaired or replaced under any circumstances.

Should you believe your item is faulty: please speak with us first before returning it to us. Any item returned to us should be sent recorded and fully insured, quoting order number/invoice number. Proof of postage should be sent separately.

On receiving said returned item we will have it carefully examined and will be happy to repair/ replace it if it is found to be faulty.  If an item has been repaired under warranty and returned to the customer the warranty start date will NOT change to coincide with the date of repair. Under no circumstances can Sarah Gallienne Investigations offer an extended warranty.

If on receipt and inspection of the “said to be faulty product” its found to not be faulty after examination SGI will hold product at our office, whilst contacting you to make arrangement for return postage to be paid prior to it being dispatched back to you.

Should any refund made to customers following the return of a tracker (for any reason) will not include any payment made for additional location or SMS credits paid for either at the time of the tracker purchase or after that date. Top up credit purchases will not and cannot be refunded.


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