Tenant Checks: Considering renting your property, house, flat or even just a room in your property ? Then you need to think about  getting your tenants checked /screened.


  • You can do it all through a Rental Agency.
  • Or you can do it Privately.

Both have their Pro’s and Con’s, dependent on which agency you choose.

A lot of rental agencies charge you a % of the rent every month as their commission, for introducing the prospective tenant/ and screening them. This can add up to a considerable amount over the length of the rental agreement. Quite often you dont know what their sceening process involves, nor do you see the results.


As Private Investigators we get asked so often to track down tenants who’ve left in the middle of the night owing rent and taking furniture/white goods that dont belong to them. The nature of some renters is they do this often, and are quite skilled at it, knowing that no enough pertinent information about them has been obtained and can be quite difficult to track down.

UK Tenant Checks


We now offer a  hand picked screening  package for landlords wanting to screen prospective tenants. (It goes well beyond what a lot of other landlord screening organisations offer). Data will be obtained from the 3 leading credit agencies, to get a balanced report on the individual, providing a good understanding of their credit status.


If you’d like to know more about the specifics of what our Tenant Checks cover, feel free to give us a call to discuss further. We also  provide a detailed report once tenant checks completed for your records.

It takes up to 7 days to fully screen a tenant, and we can screen tenants anywhere in the UK, with their name, date of birth and  previous UK address.

It takes time and money to chase someone for money they owe, or goods they’ve stolen. Save yourself the trouble and screen them properly before they move in – it’ll be considerably cheaper.


How to be a Good Tenant








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