Store Detectives and Static Guards

Store Detectives and Static Guards

Sarah Gallienne Investigations offers highly trained Store Detectives and Static Guards. Ensure your security against theft in your store or factory.

Plain Clothed Store Detective

Do you suspect your losing stock – either through staff theft or through customers shoplifting?

Theft is a big problem for stores losing thousands of pounds every year. the stores put up the prices to compensate for their loss and we all pay the price.

Employing a  SIA qualified Store Detective is not a new idea,  their used across all major stores to catch shoplifters/staff stealing – sending out a message that we wont tolerate Theft.

There are many tried and test ways to steal, thieves become more inventive as they get desperate or as new anti theft procedures come into force to combat them.


Our store detectives blend in with shoppers, moving around your shop floor and catch those stealing stock, being trained in all these methods and what to look for. they are used to dealing with aggression and conflicting behaviour. they are competent at arresting individuals where necessary, ensuring no attention is drawn to your store.

Our operatives assist with:-

  • Monitoring your staff
  • End of day staff searches
  • Detecting and arresting shoplifters
  • Reducing stock theft
  • Test purchases to ensure tills are not being used in a manner to benefit the till operative


All operatives are competent at carrying out interviews, and taking statements where necessary.  they will of course adopt any local store procedure you have in force and to how shoplifters are dealt with.

It cost a fraction to employ a Store Detective compared to what some shops lose per year.

Static Guard: Security Guarding & Mobile Patrol

We use SIA approved operatives:  Providing peace of mind together with effective protection for your business. Whether its a Shop, Supermarket, local festival or Public Event or any Commercial Premises. A Static Guard is a visual deterrent against vandals, thieves and trespassers. Making it clear as a business you will not tolerate any anti social behaviour.


Manned Guarding is Proven to be the best means of Visual Deterrent

Our operatives have many years of experience in different areas of work. They are trained to remain polite, professional in the most difficult circumstances.

whether you require a static guard for:-

  •  CCTV Monitoring
  • Perform regular mobile  security checks
  • Cover Security Reception
  • Static Guarding

We can assist. Please call us to discuss your Store Detectives and Static Guards requirements. Call us Now.




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