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Posted on March 10th, 2016 by Sarah Gallienne

We posted in May last year that Sarah Gallienne Investigations had started selling   quality GPS Trackers as used in the Industry. See

We get a lot of clients buying a cheap tracker elsewhere and then complaining to us they don’t do the job advertised. Trackers can be bought for as little as £30, these usually come from abroad so the instruction manuals wont be easily read, and some of them even work on 2g sim cards which are not so easily bought nowadays.

Their tracking panel’s if infact they have access to one, wont be so easy to understand but the main complaint we get is about battery life, and the difficulties setting it up. Some  are having to replace the battery every 24 hours, which is very poor and very inconvenient. It goes without saying that if you don’t replace the battery  before it dies you cant locate the tracker. so its useless to you and you’ve lost the tracker on the vehicle which will likely be found at some point.

Battery life is one of the main things cheap trackers skimp on. If a tracker goes into a poor signal area it searches for signal (just like a mobile phone) thus draining the battery further. With cheap trackers whilst its out of signal, that tracker activity is often lost/never seen/received. Good trackers with a decent battery life store 10’s of thousands of locations whilst in poor signal area – then download them later so you’ve lost nothing.

I could go on and on about the issues – we ask all clients to think  carefully about how much the cheap tracker is actually going to give them, and how inconvenient its going to be. And should you have a problem with the there any customer service available to you? Is it only M-F 9-5? And is it based abroad?

Personally I’d pay a little more for a reputable product, with brilliant real time tracking panel accessible from a pc or smartphone 24/7, with UK customer service available at the end of a phone (local rate call)  from people who use the tracker daily, so know the ins/outs of how it works.

Cheap anything has a limited life, and you usually end up replacing it.


2 of the Trackers we sell below:-  Our smallest the ‘Skylark’  & top of the range  the ‘Swift’

 Skylark GPS Tracker Swift GPS Tracker

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