Payment Made Easier

Posted on May 7th, 2015 by Sarah Gallienne

Some of our Clients instruct us on short notice as that’s the type of business we operate in / sometimes the best opportunity presents itself to get a good result in Surveillance at short notice if the subject announces they have an appointment or course to go to for example.

Its common practice in this industry to require a deposit / payment upfront before commencing work.

Whilst safeguarding that we get paid but not wishing to slow down the process of client instruction through to commencing the work we now take Credit Cards through Paya Card Services.

On the website we’ve put a link called “Payment…” under the Home tab drop down.

There’s 2 options there on the “Payment” page:-

1) Our bank details for you to do a bank transfer (most banks do same day/if not instantaneous payments now)or if your passing a Santander bank you can pay in those funds into our bank account – that’s as instantaneous as it gets!

2) You’ll find a link to Paypal Card  Services, where it will take you through a safe and secure process to take funds from you, via one of the advised Credit Cards/Debit Cards/ Your Bank Account – dependent on how you have your paypal account set up.

Payment by credit card gives you a little breathing space before the funds actually leave your bank account.

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