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Posted on September 8th, 2013 by Sarah Gallienne
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It can be a nightmarish scenario, having the doubt creep into what was supposed to be a special relationship. Unfortunately this isn’t the start of a pool side thriller novel but is sadly a tale of some modern day romances.

This could be anything from having affairs, perhaps feeding a gambling, alcohol or drug addiction, or hiding some other problem (like no longer working). Sometimes despite best intentions the doubt can play a part in causing real problems within the couple, and could continue to infest within the relationship and sometimes it has been based on nothing. Rather than let the unknown continue to create tension, it is best to try and confront it and find out what is actually happening.

As a way to either prove or dispel your fears an idea could be to involve a private detective. They have gps trackers available for hire and they’ll deploy it and retrieve it on your behalf. GPS Trackers track to within 2 – 3 metres, and provide you with their location at regular set intervals, thus allowing you to track the route the vehicle took to get from A to B, and how long it stopped at any given location i.e. perhaps it stayed at an address overnight. Trackers identify addresses of interest to investigate further.

Situated in South Wales and Wales in general, including Cardiff, Neath, Newport and Swansea (and to the UK in general), SGI Private Investigator offer experienced, competitive and discreet services amongst which are hiring out quality tracking devices throughout the UK. By visiting www.sgi-privateinvestigator.co.uk/ you can see the wide range of fields they can help with and contact details to begin enquiries.

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