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We have a variety of high quality GPS Trackers 4 Sale, and feel confident there is one that will suit your needs. We only have quality GPS Tracker 4 Sale, as used in the industry.

We supply magnetic Trackers for Personal Use|Personal Vehicles  & hard wired Fleet Trackers.

If your looking for a rugged, hard wearing, unit which can be tracked worldwide with impressive battery life, then any of these trackers will serve you well.

These are GPS Trackers made for professionals and used in the industry. If you don’t fancy the idea of deploying it and retrieving it – we  can do that for you. We offer deployment and retrieval at a set fee per attempt + mileage.

You get the benefit of the cheapness of owning your own Tracker, instead of paying weekly hire fees, allowing you to leave the tracker on the vehicle for longer, gaining more intelligence about the vehicles movements without having to worry about the budget restraints of hire.

All clients have access to the Control panel where you can view live activity ( from a PC/Laptop & an app is available for monitoring activity from a smartphone/tablet), or you can dowload historical reports at your convenience.

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PRIME II – £175


Prime II GPS Tracker 4 Sale

Click Here to View Specs for Prime II GPS Tracker

The Prime II  personal tracker looks after people, vehicles and other valuable assets. You can carry this small device anywhere, in a pocket, handbag, rucksack, lunchbox, car, should you need help – press the SOS button and it will send a signal to the control panel, which then sends a text message to all the telephone numbers listed there, informing them that help is required. Up to four designated telephone numbers can be listed in the control panel.

As with all our Trackers the Prime II can be monitored from the control panel, showing live movement and the current position of the person carrying the device together with their previous movements for previous days. The Prime II personal tracker is ideal for use by the elderly, children, lone workers and travellers, especially travellers overseas who venture into areas that are unknown or unsafe. The devices can be used anywhere in the world, you can monitor all movements via the  control panel or via smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop (Internet connection required).


The Prime II is simply a great all round GPS tracker that can be deployed covertly on a  vehicle using  the magnetic pouch supplied or used to simply track live or to be informed to only report every x hours, it has a panic feature and the product is built to a very high standard.


Size: Tracker : 65 x 42 x 25 (mm) Antenna : Length : 3m / GPS antenna : 25 x 25 (mm) Includes: The new Tracker Prime II Charger (+USB charger) mini USB standard External GPS Antena (length: 118″ (3m)/ )
• buttons easily accessible.
• New material, handling easier.
• Modern design for optimal use.
• Port External antenna integrated.
• Connect the charger in standard mini USB.
• Returns 6 GSM mask locations. (optional extra showing Global GSM location)

Tracker battery life :
Normal mode : 15 days With “battery save mode”
1 position per day : 14 months
2 positions per day : 7 months
3 positions per day : 5 months
4 positions per day : 4 months

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BOND 5800 – £270

Bond 5800 GPS TRACKER 4 Sale

Click Here to View  Specs for Bond 5800 GPS Tracker
The Bond 5800 GPS Tracker – a rugged sealed, waterproof design, with wonderful battery life, that can fit into most situations. The Bond 5800 is a device that can be magnetically place on any asset that has a metal surface. Also being wireless charging allows the device to be completely robust and water tight. The magnets have a pulling force of 70KG so its extremely strong when place on your asset.The performance is simply remarkable. The GPS antenna is very large, this gives excellent performance when GPS is required under extreme conditions. The device will also store 10,000 positions on its internal memory. This is great when the GPRS network is not available. Battery life is the key to success of the Bond 5800, you simply have lots of it.

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BOND 12000 – £350



Click Here to View Specs for Bond 12000 GPS Tracker

  • The Bond 12000 GPS tracker has the longest battery life out of any GPS device of this size and capabilities.
  • Vacuum sealed / Fully waterproof.
  • With no exterior lights or buttons.
  • Attached via supremely strong magnets
  • Free smartphone tracking app available
  • Up to 60 days battery life available
  • A good choice for poor signal areas – the Bond 12000 GPS Tracker can store 10 000 positions in its internal memory,  and send them to the server when GPRS is available again, thus not losing any of the data.

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Hard Wired GPS Tracker – £199


Hard Wired GPS Tracker hard wired gps tracker


The Hard Wired GPS Tracker Device is a highly effective GPS vehicle tracking device, it is designed to be hardwired into any vehicles with a 12 or 24 volt supply. A 3 day back-up battery is inside the device to take care of situations when, or if, the vehicle battery goes flat or has been removed.

Connect the  GPS Tracker Device to the vehicles battery or into a power source that stays live when the ignition switch is turned off and you are ready to start tracking the vehicle from your live real-time tracking panel.

All our GPS Trackers sold work Worldwide| in 196 countries across the world, with no roaming charges are incurred.

Hard Wired GPS Tracker – Product Info:-

hard wired gps tracker hard wired gps tracker spec



Key benefits:-

The simple small box allows you to connect it via  12/24v to a vehicle within minutes and enjoy live GPS tracking.

Simply connect the Plug and Play Vehicle Tracker to a vehicle and witness outstanding features. You can view your vehicle live within seconds. Set parameters so as your alerted should it go in/out of a certain geographical area.

The Plug and Play vehicle tracker also incorporates a backup battery which can last up to 3 days if the vehicle battery its connected to is removed. Its large internal GPS antenna is designed to deliver excellent performance without the need for an external GPS antenna.

No complications and no requirements for you to open it or place a sim card outside.


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GPS Trackers 4 Sale

All our GPS Trackers can be tracked using our Tracking Control Panel – in live real time via a website both from a PC/laptop or tablet.

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An app is also available for tracking from your smartphone.

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**We will buy back Tracker purchased from us –  if less than 3 months old – call now to see if we’re buying and what you could get for yours!**

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