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GPS Tracking is a less obtrusive way of monitoring someone’s movements, no one is far from their car these days..we drive everywhere!

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With live “real time tracking” available via a website on your pc/laptop/tablet and a Free app for your smartphone, gps tracking is user friendly for everyone.  and if you cant watch it as it happened you can download historical reports, allowing you to compare activity on various days or week v week, identifying  routines/patterns as it builds up more data.




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GPS Trackers 4 Sale


GPS Trackers log their position at set intervals, reporting address and full postcode where possible – a well as providing longitude and latitude for each logged location, allowing you to see exactly where the vehicle was by putting those coordinates into google maps/earth.


We supply magnetic Trackers for Personal Use|Personal Vehicles  & hard wired Fleet Trackers.


We have a variety of high quality GPS Trackers 4 Sale, and feel confident there is one that will suit your needs. We only have quality GPS Tracker 4 Sale, as used in the industry.


If your looking for a rugged, hard wearing, unit which can be tracked worldwide with impressive battery life, then any of these trackers will serve you well.

These are GPS Trackers made for professionals and used in the industry. If you don’t fancy the idea of deploying it and retrieving it – we  can do that for you. We offer deployment and retrieval at a set fee per attempt + mileage.

You get the benefit of the cheapness of owning your own Tracker, instead of paying weekly hire fees, allowing you to leave the tracker on the vehicle for longer, gaining more intelligence about the vehicles movements without having to worry about the budget restraints of hire.


See below for our range  GPS Trackers 4 Sale…listed in smallest to largest battery size.



* See our X Hire devices at bottom of page for a special deal*




GL300 (1300 mAh battery) – £249

*Limited special Offer  Includes 100 positions and 25 sms to get you started*


gl300 gps tracker


The Gl300  personal tracker looks after people, vehicles and other valuable assets. You can carry this small device anywhere, in a pocket, handbag, rucksack, lunchbox, car, should you need help.

As with all our Trackers the GL300 can be monitored from the control panel, showing live movement and the current position of the person carrying the device together with their previous movements for previous days. The devices can be used anywhere in the world, you can monitor all movements via the  control panel or via smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop (Internet connection required).


• buttons easily accessible.
• New material, handling easier.
• Modern design for optimal use.
• Port External antenna integrated.
• Connect the charger in standard mini USB.




EXTREME THIN TRACKER (1300  mAh battery) – £299

extreme thin tracker


Extremely thin at only 6mm thick, yet exhibiting exceptional performance and battery life, our unique new GPS tracker – The Extreme Thin Tracker – is the ideal versatile and covert tracking device to place in those situations where size is important. Some modern sporty vehicles nowadays have few suitable places for a covert deployment.



GL 300W  (2600 mAh battery) – £299


gl300 gps tracker  gl300 gps tracker


Housing Weight Battery Battery Life
78x40x27mm 93g 2600mAh Up to 3 weeks (depends on the use)


The water resistant GL300W is a powerful GPS Tracker. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms.

The GL300W GPS Tracker comes with a magnetic waterproof case to place the device on any metallic surface (under a car for example).






HUSKI 5800 (5800 mAh battery) – £375

huski 5800


Ideal GPS tracking device! The performance is simply remarkable. The GPS tracker antenna is very large, this gives excellent performance when GPS is required under extreme conditions. The device will also store 10,000 positions on its internal memory. This is great when the GPRS network is not available. Battery life is the key to success of this GPS tracking device for cars, you simply have lots of it.

The Huski 5800 is a GPS tracking device that can be magnetically place on any asset that has a metal surface. Also being wireless charging allows the  GPS tracking device to be completely robust and water tight. The magnets have a pulling force of 70KG so its extremely strong when placed on your asset.




HUSKI 11600 (11600 mAh battery) – £499


huski 11600 tracker


The  Huski 11600 GPS tracker magnets have a pulling force of 70KG so its extremely strong when placed on your asset. The performance is simply remarkable. The GPS antenna is very large, this gives excellent performance when GPS is required under extreme conditions. The device will also store 10,000 positions on its internal memory. This is great when the GPRS network is not available and the device will store these positions and then send them to our servers when GPRS is available. Battery life is the key to the success of the Huski 11600, you simply have lots of it.




BOLT GPS TRACKER (12000 mAh battery) – £475

bolt gps tracker



  • Solid and complete water tight GPS tracker.
  • Flexible operating modes that are activated via the GPS tracking panel or  available app.
  • Simple to charge without opening the tracking device.
  • Can be magnetically mounted to metal objects. Magnets are concealed inside the GPS tracking device.
  • Optional RF transmitter placed inside the Bolt GPS tracker if required.
  • Outstanding Battery life.

The  tracking device can be armed remotely and inform you within seconds if the asset is moved, only in live tracking mode*.Be informed by sms or email if the Bolt GPS tracker breaches a security zone placed around the area.

Stealth Mode:  Remotely able to switch the device off and wake in x hours or days and remain on until further notice.
Battery Save Mode: Inform the Bolt GPS tracker to only wake every x hour and report a position until further notice.
Live Tracking Mode: Track the Bolt GPS tracker from 10 seconds unless the user places the device in any of the above states.




HUSKI 12000 (12000 mAh battery) – £499





HUSKI  20000 (20000 mAh battery) – £599





HUSKI 32000 (32000 mAh battery) – £650





X Hire devices – special deals*

  • Bond 11600 + Unltd positions till 5 sept 2018 / 152 sms  £399  Call office to buy whilst stocks last
  • Bond 12000 + Unltd positions till 7 Dec 2018 / 243 sms £450   Call office to buy whilst stocks last






Hard Wired GPS Tracker hard wired gps tracker



The Hard Wired GPS Tracker Device is a highly effective GPS vehicle tracking device, it is designed to be hardwired into any vehicles with a 12 or 24 volt supply. A 3 day back-up battery is inside the device to take care of situations when, or if, the vehicle battery goes flat or has been removed.

Connect the  GPS Tracker Device to the vehicles battery or into a power source that stays live when the ignition switch is turned off and you are ready to start tracking the vehicle from your live real-time tracking panel.

All our GPS Trackers sold work Worldwide| in 196 countries across the world, with no roaming charges are incurred.

Hard Wired GPS Tracker – Product Info:-

hard wired gps tracker hard wired gps tracker spec



Key benefits:-

The simple small box allows you to connect it via  12/24v to a vehicle within minutes and enjoy live GPS tracking.

Simply connect the Plug and Play Vehicle Tracker to a vehicle and witness outstanding features. You can view your vehicle live within seconds. Set parameters so as your alerted should it go in/out of a certain geographical area.

The Plug and Play vehicle tracker also incorporates a backup battery which can last up to 3 days if the vehicle battery its connected to is removed. Its large internal GPS antenna is designed to deliver excellent performance without the need for an external GPS antenna.

No complications and no requirements for you to open it or place a sim card outside.





Charging Mats available for previously sold GPS Tracker Models:-

Wireless Powermat: Charging Mat  – £15



The wireless ‘Powermat’  charging mat can charge 1   GPS tracking device by simply placing it on the charging pad.



Powermat: Charging Mat – £30


powermat charge mat powermat 3 charge mat

The ‘Powermat’  charging mat can charge up to 3  GPS tracking devices by simply placing them on the charging pads, once its plugged in.




GPS Trackers 4 Sale

All our GPS Trackers can be tracked using our Tracking Control Panel – in live real time via a website both from a PC/laptop or tablet.

gps trackers 4 sale control panel

gps tracker



An app is also available for tracking from your smartphone.

Google Appstore Apple Store





**We will buy back Tracker purchased from us –  if less than 3 months old – call now to see if we’re buying and what you could get for yours!**

gps tracker  buy back gps tracker

* It is the final user’s responsibility to obey all the relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this service. *

*Trackers need to be kept in credit to keep the sim live*

*X Hire Trackers sold with 3 month warranty*



GPS Trackers 4 Sale; GPS Trackers 4 Sale; GPS Trackers 4 Sale

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