Enquiry Agents / Door Knock Enquiries

Enquiry Agents / Door Knock Enquiries

Our Enquiry Agents carry out Door Knock Enquires:-

for a multitude of reasons, to suit our client’s needs.  All agents  are ex-forces and are specialist trained.


We do them usually to gain some intelligence such as:

* to confirm who resides at the  property
* Finding out which vehicles are associated with the property
* Confirming a residents date of birth
* Confirming a residents whereabouts on a certain day/time
*To find out where a resident works, or in what capacity
* Or even to hand deliver a letter personally to someone.


 Enquiry Agents are effective.

Enquiries/pretexts can quite often be tailored, in order to gain the information we seek.
These type of enquires would be done covertly, without advising the true purpose of our visit. Our client/true purpose always remains confidential.

Neighbours of “the subject of interest” can also be a great source of information, as  neighbours are not so guarded about disclosing what they know about residents living a few doors down, in fact some love to chat about others.
The door knock can be filmed covertly, so as our client can see what was said/what took place & use the footage in further proceedings.

Where other options fail, door knocks can be surprisingly effective.


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Enquiry Agents / Door Knock Enquiries

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