Do You Trust Your Childs Nanny?

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by Sarah Gallienne

Whether you are a single parent or in a relationship where both partners work, nowadays having a Nanny to care  for your child is one of the most common options.

  •  do you know your Nanny’s background history / has he/she been screened properly?
  • do you know what the Nanny is doing?
  • is your baby being cared for properly?
  • does the nanny follow your instructions whilst their alone with your child?

its horrible to have to think/doubt these things but as mothers tell me frequently “my children are my life / the most important thing to me”.

What happens to children in their early life rounds them as an individual, and who they grow into. Children are vulnerable and need your protection.

We can help with that peace of mind by offering covert CCTV within your property to monitor what goes on, and covert surveillance to monitor who visits your property whilst the Nanny is alone with your child and where the Nanny takes your child when they go out together.


Give us a call if you have concerns on 01656 871103 or email us at   and we can discuss how we can help you.





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