Cheating Partner?

Posted on December 3rd, 2013 by Sarah Gallienne

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It’s bad enough that you suspect or know your partner is cheating on you, and feel your hands are tied as to what to do about it, for your own reasons :-


  • Children involved
  • Financially not secure for the repercussions
  • Ill health so can’t face the upheaval
  • Family business with your partner
  • Assets not in your name

These are all good reasons why often some husbands/wife’s leave things to tick along as they are – and often complain of not being in control of their life, or feeling in limbo.

At Christmas it’s especially hard as it’s a time for families, and goodwill to all, which you may struggle to feel if your partner is cheating on you.


At Sarah Gallienne Investigations we deal with infidelity and marital Surveillance often. Surveillance is an area we specialise in, as we’re keen to help others who perhaps  feel stuck in their situation. In putting your partner under surveillance we can provide photos and video footage and a detailed report on what your partner did whilst under surveillance.  Clients often say we give them peace of mind, it’s the not knowing for definite that’s really troubling them, and that we can help with.


We can’t help you make decisions as to how to use that intelligence, or what changes you may want to make in your lifestyle, but we can help with the finding out. All our intelligence is provided in a user friendly format which in the past has been used in court cases, quite successfully.


So if you want that peace of mind, consider putting your partner under surveillance, or the use of a GPS tracker to find out what they really are doing when not with you. It’s all totally confidential.


Don’t feel bad about considering it either – I know we all hope to never have to use a Private Investigator.

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Personally I think checking on someone if you have concerns is the right thing to do – Cheating on someone is not.


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