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1 Month Unlimited & 100 SMS   £45

3 Months Unlimited & 100 SMS   £75

6 Months Unlimited & 100 SMS   £125

12 Months Unlimited & 200 SMS   £199





200 SMS  £ 37.50

500 SMS    £ 75

1000 SMS   £125


* Please have your GPS Tracker ID number available at checkout for credit to be applied*


Why use GPS Tracking Devices?

Vehicle tracking is a highly cost effective method of gathering information and can be an invaluable aid to surveillance, and a less intrusive method of tracking an individual’s movements. It also reduces the chances of an investigation being compromised by an individual suspecting they are being followed.

We utilise the latest technology to ensure all of our GPS trackers are both as accurate and as durable as possible so they are fully equipped to withstand any environment for your peace of mind. GPS trackers are ideal for crime prevention and surveillance. With us you get premium quality trackers as well as second to none technical support so you can rely on us to be on hand when you need it most. We offer a range of trackers to suit any individual and their budget.

All GPS tracking devices from Sarah Gallienne Investigations arrives fully set up and ready to use, negating the need for any technical know-how on the customer’s behalf.

So whether you live in Bridgend, Cardiff, Swansea, Wales, or anywhere throughout the UK, we have a GPS tracking device to suit you and your needs. Remember you can buy unlimited GPS tracker top ups here on this page that will last anywhere between one month and twelve months.


*Trackers need to be kept in credit to keep the sim card live*

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