If you are looking for a professional experienced Female Private Detective in Peterborough, then look no further.

We cover Peterborough and the whole of the UK – from Surveillance to GPS Tracking, to Tracing a Missing Person, we offer a large selection of services to Private & Commercial Clients.

Sarah Gallienne Investigations is the obvious choice for Private Investigators, Private Detectives in Peterborough. All of our private detectives  have extensive geographical local knowledge, making them well placed to deliver good results consistently.

Together with their expertise in investigations,  as private investigators being all X forces staff, guaranteeing the right mindset and dedication to achieve required end result you can be confident that there is no one better for the job.


female private detective peterborough

Take a look at some of the main services our Private Detectives in Peterborough provide

  • Surveillance: Cheating Partner; Personal Injury Claims; Employees on Long Term Sick; Co-habitation Enquiries; Benefit Cheats; Pre-nuptial enquiries.
  • GPS Tracking: Trackers are used a lot in today’s busy life to monitor the movements of an individual; GPS Trackers are considered to be a cost effective, less intrusive method of determining where they spend the night & identifying addresses of interest/locations they visit, which can then be investigated further. GPS Trackers are often used in marital investigations or cohabitation investigations.
  • Tracing services: Missing person enquiries; tracing debtors; long lost friends.
  • Accident Investigations: Road Traffic Accidents – taking statements, locus inspection.
  • Door Knock Enquiries / Enquiry Agent: Gaining intelligence specific to our enquiry, without the resident knowing the true reason for our visit.
  • Bug Sweeps: If you suspect your Privacy has been compromised, a “sweep” by a professional  will locate and remove bugs found. Leaving you safe in the knowledge your property is once again clear and safe.


Female Private Detective Peterborough



female private detective peterborough




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