Background Checks


What are Background Checks?

Sarah Gallienne Investigations offers Background Checks / reports which can provide an invaluable insight into a persons background, whether it be for personal or business reasons – offering assurance/peace of mind, in who your dealing with.

It’s an easy way to either verify personal data supplied or to find the infomation about an individual you seek.

The following are examples of some of the checks can be conducted:

  • A criminal background check
  • Credit check, including bankruptcy and county court judgements
  • Current employment verification
  • Historical Employment History- to check someone’s CV
  • Address verification + associated previous addresses
  • Identity verification
  • Current Marital status / If married before / Divorce information
  • Locate siblings / and other family relations
  • Property ownership and locate other associated properties
  • Asset searches (hidden assets at divorce / evaluate someone’s worth before suing)
  • Employee Vetting / Pre-employment screening/verification
  • News/media search – providing anything published for individual
  • Checks with sanction lists watch lists for involvement in/association with fraud, money laundering, drugs & related illegal activities
  • Checks with regulators & industry/professional bodies if required
  • Directorships check
  • Searches & cross referencing of media sources in relation to past employers of individual concerned.
  • and much..much … more, dependent on the nature of your enquiry

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Why do Background Checks on Prospective Employees?

It has been shown that a significant percentage of those applying for jobs have lied or been economic with the truth on their CV. They may had added jobs that didn’t exist to hide a period of absence from the workplace or alternatively left out jobs that have not gone well for them. The desire to land the role they want can lead to “creative CV’s”
Without background checks you stand the risk of hiring a person who has deceived you and you therefore stand the risk that they may not be able to perform the job you will pay them to do, risk problems amongst the workforce or even risk theft of stock etc.

If you hire a person who claims to have a professional qualification where in fact they do not, then you may find that your commercial insurance becomes void or your commercial activities become non-compliant in relation to industry standards.

Background Checks are a cost effective way of safeguarding your business or your family/home and offer peace of mind.

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