Road Traffic Accident Investigations


As market leaders in of all types of Accident Investigations, providing expert reporting services to the legal profession, our highly trained private investigators are dedicated, committed professionals able to assess, reconstruct and evaluate the many facets, information and events that contribute to accident investigations.

Road Traffic Accident & Accident Investigation – Private Investigators
It is perhaps not surprising that road traffic accidents form the majority of the work for our specialist team of road traffic accident private investigators, since cases that involve vehicles and the sometimes questionable skills of drivers are the most vehemently contested of any other type of accident.

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) or Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) generally occur rapidly, often resulting in injury to drivers, passengers and sometimes pedestrians, together with damage to the vehicles involved. On occasion such accidents result in one or more fatalities.

Usually there are multiple witnesses involved in RTA cases including members of the general public and police officers. Due to the amount of things that tend to go on during and after an accident many witnesses may not have either a clear or constant view of everything that has happened. The evidence of such witnesses will make the difference between winning and losing a case in Court. In the preparation of such cases it is vital that the person conducting the case is fully informed about the scene of the accident and its exact location, since the Court will make its decision based on evidence presented and will not be as well informed about the location of the incident.

An experienced RTA private investigator can examine the location and the vehicles involved, study witness statements and other evidence; eliminate conjecture and erroneous witness recollections and produce an accurate report that can assist the Court immensely in any decision it makes.


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Expertly prepared Road Traffic Accident Reports

Our team of RTA private investigators deliver their expertly prepared reports within any given deadline, complete with supporting section 9 witness statements if required.

Based at our Head Office in Wales our RTA private investigators can be contacted on 0800 6128 432 or via our contact form or if you have an emergency please call 07734 569 549

Whilst our private investigators have extensive local knowledge of: South Wales & West Wales including: Swansea, Port Talbot, Bridgend, The Valleys, Cardiff, & Newport our network is nationwide.

Within our private investigator Accident Investigations service, we provide professional, unbiased reports to assist or defend an insurance claim in any of the following scenarios:

Investigation of:

  • Road Traffic Accidents/Collisions
  • Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims
  • Slips, Trips & Falls Anywhere
  • Domestic Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
road traffic accident investigations

With highly experienced skilled Accident Investigators throughout the UK, we are able to collate and provide the following:

  • Indemnity & Liability Witness Statement(s) from PH, TP, Claimant, Witnesses, or Police Officers
  • A minimum of 10 – 12 exhibited date/timed photos of accident scene, from various angles/distance
  • A detailed Locus (sketch plan) of the accident scene
  • We also include a Locus Inspection overview of the scene of the accident. This can be provided either in the form of a witness statement from the attending Investigator or the completion of a detailed Locus Inspection form.
  • Confidential covering report on Interviewee and their suitability should they be required as a witness in Court.

All the above is produced in accordance with the appropriate laws and regulations ready to be used in Court if necessary.

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