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Hire a private investigator/private detective from Sarah Gallienne Investigations: The No.1 Female Detective. We”ve been in business since 2001, and continue to offer a full range of services to all clients.

Our investigators operate from our Head Office  in Wales, and we have a network of skilled private detectives and private investigators that cover nationwide if required. We have the benefit of local knowledge of Wales but no welsh ties.

Each client, each task is treated with professionalism, and total confidentiality.

We  have highly trained dedicated conscientious agents  across the UK to provide a nationwide service.


Our Services include, but are not limited to:-

Private Client Investigation Services

Reverse Phone Number check      Tenant Checks/Screening
Marital Surveillance      Confirm Residency Surveillance
Door Knock Enquiries      Asset Reports
Background Checks      No Find/No Fee UK Tracing Services
Pre Nuptual Checks/Surveillance      Dating Site Scams
Online Media Research      Static Observations
Hand Deliver Important Documents      Identity Checks
No Find/No Fee UK Tracing Services      Specialist UK Tracing Services
Bug Sweeps: Offices/home/car      Private Investgations
GPS Trackers 4 Sale      Car Accident  Investigations

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Commercial Client Investigation Services

Moonlighting Employee Surveillance       Personal Injury Surveillance
Marital Surveillance      Confirm Residency Surveillance
Company Checks      Asset Reports
Background Checks      Employee Vetting
CV Verification      Test Purchases
Enquiry Agent      Door Knock Enquiries
Static Security Guard      Plain Clothes Store Detective
No Find/No Fee UK Tracing Services      Specialist UK Tracing Services
Bug Sweeps: Offices/home/car      Test Purchases/Gym Inductions
Drug & Alcohol Testing      RTA Investigations


  • SHOP – We sell high quality devices & GPS Trackers
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Our team is dedicated to providing results where possible, in a timely efficient manner, thus protecting your financial resources. We understand that our clients’ need to get their enquiries completed to their satisfaction, with the desired results.

We pride ourselves in being approachable and down to earth. If you need advice about any aspect of you enquiry, a private investigator will be more than happy to discuss how we may be able to help you, explain in detail the services we can offer and how we are able to assist you with your specific matter.





  • Female Run Business with extensive experience in Investigations
  • Consistent Proven Results
  • Local Operatives  operarting from Head Office in Wales / and agents across the UK to offer a Nationwide quality service
  • Professional standards and ethics /Total Confidentiality
  • Committed, Friendly and Trustworthy
  • Experienced X forces staff – both Male & Female Operatives available to suit job requirements
  • Operating 24 hours a day
  • Competitive fees / payment methods – designed to suit your needs


We offer private detective services, operating daily throughout North Wales / Mid Wales / South Wales & West Wales, England & Nationwide: Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol, Bath,  Chester, Andover, Yeovil,  Taunton, Weston-Super-Mare,  Manchester, Liverpool, Salisbury, Gloucester, Cheltenham,  Swindon, Chippenham & Trowbridge,   – to name a few areas we regularly work in.


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All cases will be treated in accordance with the relevant legislations governing how we perform our enquiries within the Private Detective industry: –

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 |  The Bribery Act 2010 |  The Computer Misuse Act 1990 |  The Criminal Procedure & Investigations Act 1996 |  The Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 |  The Private Security Industry Act 2001 |  Human Rights Act 1998 |  Data Protection Act 1998.



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The Institute of Private Investigation Diploma

hire a private investigator

IQ Level 3 Professional Investigations Certificate

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In Readiness for Government Regulations & Licensing of Private Investigators, Sarah Gallienne has successfully gained the IQ Professional Investigators Award which is a UK Nationally recognised qualification.

Sarah Gallienne Investigations are registered with:-

SGI is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office and is subsequently registered under the data protection act 1998 Reg. No. Z1495400. We offer total client confidentiality within the parameters of the law.




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Services Include:-
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